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    1. Welcome to the communication toolbox

      The communication toolbox helps managers improve their communication skills. For over 25 years we have been gathering tools, methods, ideas and a lot of experience that we want to share with all managers in the world.

      Most of your tasks every day is communication tasks

      From experience, we know that managers have a very tough job, cooping with pressure from both the top and from below. Most managers spend between 60-95% of their activities every day on communication tasks, but don’t realise it. With small changes you can improve your communication skills. We know, that there is room for improvement, and that is what this site is all about. Supporting you to become a better communicator.

      Our ambition with the communication toolbox is that managers will find this site to be a source of inspiration and a help to improving their communication skills.

      The toolbox will always be a work in progress and we will continue to add content as we go along. We have a very long list of topics that we know from experience managers (and other communication professionals) struggle with in their daily operations. We will also listen to your ideas and requests. Your input and feedback will only make this site better.

      Improve your business results with communication

      Your internal communication has an impact on your business result. Motivated and engaged employees make a huge difference in higher productivity, increased customer value and better reputation. One of the major success factors is to make sure that all your managers has the skills and tools they need to engage the workforce and create sustainable action. And this is what the communication toolbox is all about.

      We have a massive experience from helping companies create a balance between their external and internal communication. Our experience range from mass communication and Public Relations to internal communication and coaching. It all comes down to the same result: changing behaviour that impact your business results.

      Feel free to send me feedback or ideas or sign up for more information by clicking here.


      Johan Ljungqvist

      CEO, Commitment AB

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